Prom Night at the Super Bowel

Image create: Domitille Parent via Compfight

Image credit: Domitille Parent via Compfight

The 2013 super bowl was one of the best super bowl games that I have ever seen. The 49ers coming back after the blackout was amazing, but still the better team prevails, the Ravens. Not all people watch the super bowl they just watch the commercials. These commercials were not as good as previous years but, there was one that stood out in my mind and it was the Audi commercial. It brought me back to high school and going to prom which I never went because it was in our cafeteria which was lame it was not even nice. Enough about me, this commercial show what a true prom and how a cool car can boost your confident, in this commercial a teenage boy is forced to go to prom by himself.  This is very embarrassing as a teenage kid not even have a date for prom that really would stink. Then his dad gives his teenage son the car keys. For me this would be a time for excitement my dad giving me the keys the one of the best cars out there. As the teenagers drives off he starts to feel good about himself. I think everyone would be feeling good if you were driving that sweet car.  The teenager parks in the principal’s spot walks into the prom like a bad ass walks towards the prom queen and lays a wet kiss on her. I wish I could of done that I think that would be pretty sweet that would of made my day if I did that. Then the prom King turns walks towards him and decks him in the face, know you’re even more of a bad ass coming out of prom with a black eye. So is it worth getting a black eye for a kiss,


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