Press Releases

Social media has changed the way people communicate around the world. It led to political revolution and even created a pop culture phenomenon. Businesses scramble to try to figure out how to communicate will the new audience with social media. A market tool they use is call a press release this has become a vital tool and more important to promote companies. Press releases can do many for a company. They can announce a new product or a service which means that you can draft a press release immediately get your news found on all major search engines. They can improve brand image, they can also help drive images interest, Have instant world-wide distribution of the product you are selling. They can expand public knowledge. There is so many viral possibilities with online press releases can be viral with a press of a button sharing with people through social media networks like Facebook, and Myspace. They very portability and convenience for people you can accesses them anywhere in the web. There are one general guide line out there

  1.  Press contact information (i.e. who the media should call with questions or interview requests).
  2. Release date—or, if you want to send it out early in hopes to secure coverage on the same day your release is distributed, you can note that it is “under embargo” until a specific date and the media will not publish the news until the embargo expires.
  3.  A headline summarizing the most important information contained within, written to catch the reader’s interest.
  4.  A sub-headline or summary of anything else noteworthy or supporting.
  5. A dateline with the city, state, and release date (the city marks where the news originates from, most likely where your headquarters are based).
  6. An introductory paragraph that captures the most important aspect and any pressing details.
  7. Body paragraphs that further support your news.
  8. A spokesperson quote.
  9. A boiler plate with corporate information (mission statement, website, year founded, achievements, etc.)

I got these steps from Technori which gave it step by step.

Matt Preston Via compfight

Matt Preston Via compfight



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