# Mistakes


has not been around that long and it seems like every one is using it, even companies. I find that companies have been very successful with Twitter to promote their service and or product but there is an occasional mistake. For example when Celeb Boutique said that Aurora is trending, clearly about our Kim K inspired Aurora dress 😉 shop. I think it was a an accident but other feel like it was putting salt on the wound but people make mistake it not like a machine is typing these but people do make mistake it happens. Even though there should have been on top of his game he just did not do his research and shit happens. The only way they can fix that was to apologize for their mistake.  I would of done the same thing in their shoes I would of let go of the person who wrote it and said I we are very sorry for this comment. Maybe they could of done some more research before making a comment like that but like a I said shit happens.


action datsun via compfight

action datsun via compfight


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