Bloging for Dummies


There are many steps on have an effective blog there seven really steps to have a really good blog and so that people can easily navigate through it and get the point of your blog. One of the first steps is to position you as a professional when people are looking for a product or service, oftentimes they will first look for information about the subject on the Internet. In general, blogging is about having conversations in a public space that position you as a subject matter expert.  Second thing is to Share experiences and information. Social blogging is often used to share experiences in addition to business ideas and concepts. Always seek unique opportunities to share your ideas and offerings with not only your readers, but their associates as well, which will eventually bring in more prospects. Announce upcoming events, awards, and other news. But do it in a conversational tone. Third you must Keep it fresh and mix it up. Frequent one note updates can be a major turn off for say Facebook fans, while Twitter followers are more accustomed to frequent posts. Try to mix it up. Spark up conversation with the help of images and videos. Marketing experts suggest businesses update their audiences on a regular basis but only if there’s something new, informative and interesting to say. Encourage interaction and feedback. Your blog can benefit from valuable feedback through comments and suggestions. Do a call for action in your posts. Make it easy for your readers to share posts. Encourage them to share tips and personal experiences with using your products or services. Just make sure you are on hand to respond to any comments. Make your blog the central hub. Have your blog serve as the central location for where you make announcements. Link back to your website. Make sure everything you do is somehow tied back in to your sources website. Use a personal touch. Having your personal touch post updates can help revolutionize how your blog look and sound it sound more human.

Frank Gruber via compfight

Frank Gruber via compfight


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