Mickey D’s Crisis

There is one company that stuck out to me it is McDonald’s with the coffee incident where people were getting burned with coffee and they would sue them for the burned that they receive from the coffee. This was a crisis in Mickey D’s eyes and they figured it out fast but first they had to figure out the problem and how to fix it they went through a there are 3 phases in any Crisis situation

  1. The diagnosis of the impending trouble or the danger signals.
  2.  Choosing appropriate Turnaround Strategy.
  3.   Implementation of the change process and its monitoring.

First one is to diagnosis the problem which was the burning of hand and chest when people were drinking the coffee and how it was being caused. After that they would have to make contingency planning which is there turnaround strategy so they can bounce back from this because they were losing allot of money during this time. They figured out how not to be sued they put labels on the coffee cup say warn coffee is very hot caution so they warn the person before they drink the coffee. now they are monitoring the issue just in case something happens again with coffee and there has not been any problems since then.

By Frank Gruber via compfight

By Frank Gruber via compfight


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