Ethics Page


Vicente Quiroga Code of Ethics

35 Parc Aux Vaches, Porter IN, 46304


This document shows the ethical standard that I have set for myself and my organization that I might be working for.  I will up hold my code to the highest degree in which my organization should also hold dear to them. This code will make my employers, coworkers and I to come together and work as a team. There are five words that I associate with my code of ethics that I have listed below that show what I believe in and what I expect from the organization to follow.

Integrity: is regarded as the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one’s actions

·         The organization will be honest with all of their employees and clients, as well as being reliable in all different aspects of trust. The organization will be straightforward and truthful in any and every situation, and continuously refrain from withholding information.

Optimistic: hopeful and confident about the future

·         The employees of the organization will have good attitudes and give off positive energy, expressing that they do enjoy their place of work and are happy with their jobs.

·         The organization will, more often than not, look on the bright side of things and refuse to give up on whatever they may be working on.

Accountability: to take responsibility for any action whether it is positive or negative

·         The organization will understand and be held responsible for any negative actions that they might take, and must correct for it.

·         The company must take responsibility for the action that they have done.

Fairness: Is a duty to make decisions and act impartially and objectively

·         Every on in the work place should be treated as equals and no one will be discriminated against on the way you look and perform everyone has a equal chance to get promoted and move up on the corporate  ladder.

Must be goal oriented: something to aim for at the end result

·         My company must have a goal and strive for it, must work together to achieve the goal.

·         People will have something to look forward to at the end result.



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