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I learned that Public relations (PR) is a way for companies, organizations or people to enhance their reputations. This task typically is performed by public relations professionals or PR firms on behalf of their clients and that PR usually involves communicating with the media and through the media to present the clients in the most favorable way possible. It also often involves cooperative efforts with other people and organizations to create good will within the community and enhance the client’s image. The business world is extremely competitive. I also learned that companies typically want to have something that makes them stand out from the crowd, something that makes them more appealing and interesting to both members of the public and the media. A favorable image can help increase a company’s sales, and negative publicity can damage a company’s reputation and decrease sales. PR can give consumers and the media a better understanding of how a company works. Within a company, a PR department might also be called a public information department or a customer relations department. These departments assist customers if they have any problems with the company. They usually try to show the company at its best. PR people also might conduct research to learn how satisfied customers are with the company and its products. There are many tools and methods that a public relations people can use to enhance a company’s image.

The tools that have been traditionally used include news releases and announcements that are sent to the media, newsletters that are sent to customers and appearances at public events, such as trade shows or conventions. With the proliferation of the Internet, PR departments now can also use tools such as blogs and social media networks to accomplish their goals.He or she must have the ability to answer a barrage of questions from the media and members of the public, if necessary. If a company comes under a verbal attack, it is the PR department that must take control of the situation. The PR department must effectively respond to the criticism to protect the company’s reputation.

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Jonathan Cohen via compfight


What is public relations measurement and evaluation?

Basically, it is any and all research designed to determine the relative effectiveness or value of what is done in public relations. In the short-term, PR measurement and evaluation involves assessing the success or failure of specific PR programs, strategies, activities or tactics by measuring the outputs, outtakes and/or outcomes of those programs against a predetermined set of objectives. In the long-term, PR measurement and evaluation involves assessing the success or failure of much broader PR efforts that have as their aim seeking to improve and enhance the relationships that organizations maintain with key constituents More specifically, PR measurement is a way of giving a result a precise dimension, generally by comparison to some standard or baseline and usually is done in a quantifiable or numerical manner. That is, when we measure outputs, outtakes and outcomes, we usually come up with a precise measure — a number; for example, 1,000 brochures distributed 60,000 hits on a website 50% message recall … an 80% increase in awareness levels, etc. PR evaluation determines the value or importance of a PR program or effort, usually through appraisal or comparison with a predetermined set of organization goals and objectives. PR evaluation is somewhat more subjective in nature, or softer, than PR measurement, involving a greater amount of interpretation and judgment calls. Interest in public relations measurement and evaluation has surged in recent years, as the public relations field has grown in size and sophistication, and as those who practice in the field have found themselves more often than ever being asked to be accountable for what they do. Those who supervise or manage an organization’s total communications activities are increasingly asking themselves, their staff members, their agencies and consulting firms, and their research suppliers questions such as these:

— Will those public relations and/or advertising efforts that we initiate actually have an


— Will the communications activities we implement actually change what people?

Know, what they think and feel, and how they actually act?

— What is the impact?

questions such as these have increased in number in recent years, many public relations

This guidebook, which has been revised and edited under the auspices of the Institute for Public Relations Commission on PR Measurement and Evaluation, seeks to set minimum standards when it comes to measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of specific short-term PR programs, strategies, activities and tactics against per-determined outputs, outtakes and outcomes. Those interested in measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of PR efforts aimed at enhancing the long-term relationships that exist between an organization and its key constituents should consult the companion guidebook, “Guidelines for Measuring Relationships in Public Relations.” (www.instituteforpr.com)

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Jordanhill School D&T Dept’s via CompfightAs

Mickey D’s Crisis

There is one company that stuck out to me it is McDonald’s with the coffee incident where people were getting burned with coffee and they would sue them for the burned that they receive from the coffee. This was a crisis in Mickey D’s eyes and they figured it out fast but first they had to figure out the problem and how to fix it they went through a there are 3 phases in any Crisis situation

  1. The diagnosis of the impending trouble or the danger signals.
  2.  Choosing appropriate Turnaround Strategy.
  3.   Implementation of the change process and its monitoring.

First one is to diagnosis the problem which was the burning of hand and chest when people were drinking the coffee and how it was being caused. After that they would have to make contingency planning which is there turnaround strategy so they can bounce back from this because they were losing allot of money during this time. They figured out how not to be sued they put labels on the coffee cup say warn coffee is very hot caution so they warn the person before they drink the coffee. now they are monitoring the issue just in case something happens again with coffee and there has not been any problems since then.

By Frank Gruber via compfight

By Frank Gruber via compfight

Bloging for Dummies


There are many steps on have an effective blog there seven really steps to have a really good blog and so that people can easily navigate through it and get the point of your blog. One of the first steps is to position you as a professional when people are looking for a product or service, oftentimes they will first look for information about the subject on the Internet. In general, blogging is about having conversations in a public space that position you as a subject matter expert.  Second thing is to Share experiences and information. Social blogging is often used to share experiences in addition to business ideas and concepts. Always seek unique opportunities to share your ideas and offerings with not only your readers, but their associates as well, which will eventually bring in more prospects. Announce upcoming events, awards, and other news. But do it in a conversational tone. Third you must Keep it fresh and mix it up. Frequent one note updates can be a major turn off for say Facebook fans, while Twitter followers are more accustomed to frequent posts. Try to mix it up. Spark up conversation with the help of images and videos. Marketing experts suggest businesses update their audiences on a regular basis but only if there’s something new, informative and interesting to say. Encourage interaction and feedback. Your blog can benefit from valuable feedback through comments and suggestions. Do a call for action in your posts. Make it easy for your readers to share posts. Encourage them to share tips and personal experiences with using your products or services. Just make sure you are on hand to respond to any comments. Make your blog the central hub. Have your blog serve as the central location for where you make announcements. Link back to your website. Make sure everything you do is somehow tied back in to your sources website. Use a personal touch. Having your personal touch post updates can help revolutionize how your blog look and sound it sound more human.

Frank Gruber via compfight

Frank Gruber via compfight

# Mistakes


has not been around that long and it seems like every one is using it, even companies. I find that companies have been very successful with Twitter to promote their service and or product but there is an occasional mistake. For example when Celeb Boutique said that Aurora is trending, clearly about our Kim K inspired Aurora dress 😉 shop. I think it was a an accident but other feel like it was putting salt on the wound but people make mistake it not like a machine is typing these but people do make mistake it happens. Even though there should have been on top of his game he just did not do his research and shit happens. The only way they can fix that was to apologize for their mistake.  I would of done the same thing in their shoes I would of let go of the person who wrote it and said I we are very sorry for this comment. Maybe they could of done some more research before making a comment like that but like a I said shit happens.


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action datsun via compfight

Press Releases

Social media has changed the way people communicate around the world. It led to political revolution and even created a pop culture phenomenon. Businesses scramble to try to figure out how to communicate will the new audience with social media. A market tool they use is call a press release this has become a vital tool and more important to promote companies. Press releases can do many for a company. They can announce a new product or a service which means that you can draft a press release immediately get your news found on all major search engines. They can improve brand image, they can also help drive images interest, Have instant world-wide distribution of the product you are selling. They can expand public knowledge. There is so many viral possibilities with online press releases can be viral with a press of a button sharing with people through social media networks like Facebook, and Myspace. They very portability and convenience for people you can accesses them anywhere in the web. There are one general guide line out there

  1.  Press contact information (i.e. who the media should call with questions or interview requests).
  2. Release date—or, if you want to send it out early in hopes to secure coverage on the same day your release is distributed, you can note that it is “under embargo” until a specific date and the media will not publish the news until the embargo expires.
  3.  A headline summarizing the most important information contained within, written to catch the reader’s interest.
  4.  A sub-headline or summary of anything else noteworthy or supporting.
  5. A dateline with the city, state, and release date (the city marks where the news originates from, most likely where your headquarters are based).
  6. An introductory paragraph that captures the most important aspect and any pressing details.
  7. Body paragraphs that further support your news.
  8. A spokesperson quote.
  9. A boiler plate with corporate information (mission statement, website, year founded, achievements, etc.)

I got these steps from Technori which gave it step by step.

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Matt Preston Via compfight


Enron and Breaking their Code

The Enron scandal in 2001, one of the biggest scandals since the Watergate in the 1970’s, Enron was one of the biggest energy company which provided natural gas. They were the largest energy selling company in the United States. I look up Enron’s ethics code they were based on respect, integrity, communication, and excellence. These values were described as follows:

Respect. We treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. We do not tolerate abusive or disrespectful treatment. Ruthlessness, callousness and arrogance don’t belong here.

Integrity. We work with customers and prospects openly, honestly and sincerely. When we say we will do something, we will do it; when we say we cannot or will not do something, then we won’t do it.

Communication. We have an obligation to communicate. Here we take the time to talk with one another . . . and to listen. We believe that information is meant to move and that information moves people.

Excellence. We are satisfied with nothing less than the very best in everything we do. We will continue to raise the bar for everyone. The great fun here will be for all of us to discover just how good we can really be.

Enron downfall was they were cooking the books and they got caught doing it they were modifying the balance sheet to indicate favorable performance. This later caused bankruptcy of the company, their shareholders lost almost 11 billion dollars when the the share went from 90 dollars per share to less than 1 dollar per share when Enron went under. The Enron Code of Ethics had obviously done little to help create an ethical environment at the company. The full extent and explanation of Enron’s ethical collapse is yet to be determined as legal proceedings continue.

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Jon Winters via compfight